[Release] Alpha 0.1.3

Alpha 0.1.3

Download : https://files.getskatter.com/transmutr_setup_0.1.3.exe

New features

  • The material type is automatically assigned based on the material’s name (e.g. “…leaf…” ⇒ Translucent)


  • When exporting a *.vrmesh proxy, the black console window that briefly popped up does not appear anymore
  • Copying maps to the destination folder is now optional
  • Preset saving and loading buttons have been moved to the header
  • It is now possible to unfold multiple materials

Bug fixes

  • Fallback to lower-quality graphics when webGL is not available (Work in progress)
  • Fixed wrong up axis and origin transformations for models that already have a transformed root node
  • Fixed the *.vrmesh proxy generation sometimes locking up the export
  • Fixed automatically finding *.vrmat files matching material names
  • Fixed faces not being exported for some files
  • Fixed material names encoding issues



Great stuff!

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I just realized we broke the Geometry simplification…

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@transmutr_beta I just replaced the file with a fixed version. So if you already installed v0.1.3, please download it again and reinstall.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thank you, Thomas.
Much appreciated.

This is an awesome tool, today I did 17 conversions for a project and it was so easy and fast, definitely a time saver.