Vray bootstrap...


Hi everyone,

I have a detailed model with 7 different skattered objects. Grass, schrups , trees, flowers etc. Also other detailed 3D objects mostly landscape…

When I want to render before the frame buffer pup-ups There is a phase called “vray bootstrap: building scene” in sketchup. While this process I am waiting almost 1,5-2 hours just for the starting of the render, and then it continues normally (ligh cache calculation and rendering…) but sometimes in bootstrap process sketchup bugsplat with unreadable data error…

I want to ask you guys are you having trouble with the same thing. The rendering time is maybe one hour but ı am
Waiting more than it to get start to render…

What is that bootstrap process and why it takes too much time? It is the major problem that makes vray a pain in sketchup.

It is probably not about skatter but ı want ti ask this issue to you too.



Are you using Vray 2 or Vray 3 ?


Vray 3


Hmmm, then I have no idea. You should contact Chaos Group and maybe send then your file.


@archoverdose, do you resolve your problem? I have the same…

Thank you!


nope, I couldn’t find any solutions… When the model has lots of detail (model and proxies) I can only get the rendering after 1-1,5 hours waiting in bootsrap stage… This is my main problem for vray sketchup.