Skatter doesn't work for me , who else has the same problem ?


SketchUp version : 16 , 17
Skatter version 1.4.1
OS :windows 10
Description of the issue :
Good evening
Skatter stopped working for me in both sup 16 , & 17 , in two different computer i faced the same problem .
it was working properly for me and after two weeks it stopped ( i’ve activated it ) , when i choose objects skatterd it shows nothing ( no red wireframe boxes , no results in render ) and it shows in bottom of the dialog window : number of Objects = 0 . It works peacefully when i choose a group as a host , but when i choose "pick point " host , sketchup crashes and stop working !

**Error in Ruby Console?
it shows nothing


This happens to everyone who tries to crack Skatter.
The “crack” (removing a piece of text in the license file) just makes you think Skatter is activated forever , but it’s not. And it stops working after the 15 days of the demo.

If you do have a legit license, please send me an email to [email protected] with your License Serial.