how to scatter along a path while maintaining orientation?

I can do this in a XY 2D plan, but when the path is not in xy plan, the component remains parallel to xy plan.

EDIT: the fast solution is to convert the path (line) to a surface by extruding the path very slightly.
Skatter gets a surface to skatter and the trick is to keep the surface very small (and hide it afterwards if needed).

Indeed I guess the objects should follow the curve more closely if the Pointing Direction is set to Normal.
I’ll see what I can do.

Actually Profile Builder 2 could help here if only Dale managed to include compo’s random distribution along path.
I need a combi of skatter inside PB2 :smiley:
Now that I think about this, it could be an incredible feat… :wink:

I was recently thinking the same thing about PB2 being able to randomize along with assembly function. It would be a very welcomed addition. The new Copy Along Curve Plugin has the functionality to follow the edge normal as well, but no multiple objects at random either. The work around is to use the same object and then use the random select plugin (TIG) and the Component replace plugin (thomthom) to replace random groups. It would be much more efficient to have Skatter tweak that one simple slider to apply to curves.