Forest House with Fog


Hi guys! i did this quick scene to test the new Thea render fog preset, ground cover vegetation would not have been possible without skatter (20 different models skattered along the ground) Also volumetric Fog combined with 3D geometry of the skattered proxies came out nicely. C&C are welcome.



This is so beautiful to see! Thank you so much for sharing with us this wonderful work!


Thank you Duane :grinning: just updated with the final image.


Love it! seeing both model (before) / render (after) make things pop even more :wink:


Thanks Ronen! using skatter on this project was such a joy!


Where did you get your plant models?


Thanks! pine trees are evemotion models from vol 117
groundcovers are a mix of the meadow pack you can get from the ronen bekerman archviz shop:

and also i threw some yarrows, buttercups and clovers from the grass pack vol2 from pixero
available on the sketchUcation model store.
The texture from the ground i got from my poliigon membership.

almost forgot! of course lilly pads and rocks and flowers are from the skatter library too, they are great.


Thanks I really appreciate it. I ask because I find that my landscaping tends to look very flat and I can’t seem to figure out how to achieve the sort of texture you have in this image.


Its a mix of the texture and the skatter brush clipping, scattering on the green areas of the texture, mixing several types of plants and if you can, displace the surface a bit. Rocks that come with skatter are a great resource.
Also little imperfections in the ground done with artisan jitter (inverted smooth) and careful mapping all add up.
I don´t say i know the best way, but that´s what i did on this image i hope it helps!


your picture is used on a website. They seem to claim it as theirs. Did they stole it or are you connected with them ?


Thank you so much Marianne! That’s my friends page :slight_smile: we work together and have an agreement :smile:


Ok good :slight_smile: