Zelt Haus Justus Dahinden 1955


Yes use Maxwell Studio for the creation of the proxies. I kept the materials very simple so they rendered fast.


I was so disappointed when found out that my maxwell doesn’t see the scatter proxies. Can you describe your actions to make maxwell seen proxies work with scatter? Sorry for bothering you. If i ask too much - just stop me.)


It works just fine. Create your proxy and introduce it to the sketchup scene. Then select it in the skatter dialog. Texture smooth etc in Maxwell Studio. I think your missing a step somewhere it does require a little work to set up but once you have the proxy processed it’s done for life.


What were the render times for these images (Time + SL + Resolution) Renders look fantastic.


Overnight so about 10hrs for SL20 @5mpx the fog made them a bit stubborn.