Vray vs Thea


Skatter used for hedge, leaves and Laubwerk plants.

Vray 3.4
Thea 1.59

Hey guys, I have been trying to figure out Thea Render, and man I love the results. No post on either images, just raw renders. I think Thea’s looking better :smiley: Thoughts?


Out of the box it looks better to me, although with a slightly green cast. But you can achieve the same results by adjusting the image in Vray’s render window. Thea already does this by default but with Vray you have to enable it.


It’s just much harder to fumble around with Vray’s adjustments - it took me 2 years to learn about them - yet Thea’s were just there…Basically Vray’s learning curve is too steep and my God, the subtleties that Thea has taught me!


Hey Troy,

Good to see you here!!


This is a classic case of “Dont let your eyeballs fool you”, the only difference between the two images is the tone-mapping curve applied. Thea has a tuned tone mapper built in where as vray assumes you will do your own tonemapping (such as in adobe camera raw assuming you’ve saved your images as 32bit float). As you get into larger scenes and more advanced shaders, vray will outperform thea in every situation and is more stable, it is production proven and bulletproof. I did a quick pass at the vray3.4 render with camera raw. Granted im working with a crap jpeg compressed 8 bit image, you can only imagine what Im able to get if I had the original 32bit image.

when it comes to modern rendering, understanding color space / color science is everything.



Outperform!!! not sure why you say that. Have you done proper results doing so. Show some tests of this, thea is stable as hell