use skatter for placeing chars?



I model in sketchup and render in octane render.

I wonder if i can use skatter to populate my scene with chairs?

I can add the dummies by using the “pick individual points”, and then export to csv file, and combine this with a octane model. this works fine but…

Is it posible to manual rotate the chairs?

Or am I’m doing it completely wrong using Skatter for this?



It is not yet possible to specify a rotation for individual points.

Isn’t it simpler to place the chairs as regular SketchUp components?


hi thomas

thanks for the fast reply.

as i wrote i’m not sure i do it the right way :slight_smile:

i need to use some simple boxes as dummy components in sketchup, else the file gets to heavy.
but i can’t figure out how to replace the dummy components in octane? - i’m sure i very simple but…



Does this help?


hi thomas

it seems that your link is for the plugin version of octane.

i have given up the plugin version for sketchup. i now use the standalone.



But can’t you export to Standalone from the plugin?


i need to install the plugin again to test - i removed it as it slowed down sketchup.

right now i export via export > 3d model > obj.

if i export via the plugin, will i then be able to replace components in octane?



I don’t know, I don’t use Octane. But I’d assume a proxy in SketchUp linking to an external file will export also as a proxy in Standalone.
But you should ask Otoy for that.


hi thomas

thanks - i will try that.