[SOLVED ][B] Objects on line using grid get doubles


OSX 10.11.6

Ive got this file where ive been working on for a while. Ive been using this with multiple revisions of Skatter. Today i see that my objects which where using a preset, i got a double copies aside of them. When i copy pasted the model into a fresh new model, everything goes well. Yet in the original model they get a copy. (screengrab 2)

When i first opened the scene i noticed they where assigned to a different group so i changed that (screengrab 1)

Copy pasting the group model back results in the same ‘error’

No error in the console though

Here’s a link to the model where i copy pasted them in, simple version. But this works fine

Tried cleaning the scene of all items and save this and this results also in correct number of poles


Nevermind… i feel a bit dump. I had 2 skatter groups, there was a copy which a slight different offset using the same Light poles.


“Nevermind… i feel a bit dump” - So glad that even the experts have “doh” days!


But on the plus side, the car made it to the end of the driveway without any damage…!!


Problem is though, it aint getting away now :wink:


So it wasn’t related to duplicate Skatter setups after all?


Yes, i tend to put items which i want to save on _NON USED layer. This group as prior used for the skatter, i later found that group and took it out. This solved the issue, i had found the issue back in april already, the same day actually