skatter and sandbox practice please give any ideas to improve



What skatter set up did you use for the grass? Did you use vray?


@avillasenorklcarch-c hi i used skatter long grass in the library and v ray 3.4 with hdri lighting


Did you insert the hdri with a dome light? I struggle with lighting.


@avillasenorklcarch-c yes friend i inserted dome light with hdri and added glare effect in vray lens effects with out lens effect image will look raw. i am also struggling with lighting for every project we need differnt light setup.


Thanks for the help. Keep it up.


@avillasenorklcarch-c hi if you want i can upload some models with hdri lighting .


That would be great!


Excellent ! what a wonderful early morning mood this is !!
Even if this is about skatter :slight_smile: I am impressed by the great water surface…