Scatter hangs Sketchup when choosing path selection tool


SketchUp version : 17.2.2554
Skatter version (Menu Window > Preferences > Extensions) : 1.4.0
OS : Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Description of the issue : When clicking on the select path tool in order to choose a curve group, Skatter/Sketchup hangs before choosing anything and never recovers.
Are you able to reproduce the issue every time? (If yes, how?) : Every time in a complex scene I have - it is ok on a new empty file – so I’m thinking does Skatter try to cache all available path groups or something before you can click and select one?



Skatter doesn’t cache the whole model, but when the picking tool is active, it scans every object you put your mouse on, to display on screen a preview of what you are about to pick.
If you hover an object that contains loads and loads of geometry, you might experience this. You can hide these complicated objects when picking the curve.

Would it be possible to send me the file? [email protected]


Thanks Thomas.

I guess its because I’m already over a huge terrain when my cursor first appears. But, yes I suppose I could isolate the items I need with layers until Skatter is configured for this set?

I can’t share the model at this time, unfortunately – not until the client has it in the public domain at least.