Render Only Grass Renders When Host Geometry Hidden


I’m not sure if this is considered a bug report or a feature request but…

I use “Render Only” Proxies most of the time to save the scene from lagging so badly. One issue I am having with them is that in some of my renders I want Skatter objects turned on (Perspectives) but then in some I need them hidden (Elevations). I usually will go in the the “Render Only” menu and disable them for the Elevation shot but this proves to be tedious over the course of 120 projects, especially if I have any changes that need re-rendering I usually forget to go in and disable the Skatter objects which means I have to re-render yet again. It would be great if either 1 of these 2 could happen:

  1. When the Host Geometry is hidden, the Skatter objects attached to it (even Render Only Proxies) would be hidden from the render as well.

  2. If there was a way for the “Render Only” settings to be saved within each scene. Kind of like how Thea Render settings can be saved on a per scene basis. That way some shots could have Skatter objects turned on and some not.

Love this tool to death. This is the only “issue” I have with it. Keep up the great work.


I’m planning to add the ability to link a Render Only setup to a layer. So if you turn off the layer, the setup is disabled.

That could answer both of your requests :

  1. Link the Skatter setup to the same layer as the Host
  2. Layer visibility can be handled automatically by scene

Would that be ok for you?


Yes that would be amazing. Thank you!


This seems like a must. Please do this.