Render of two components into the same scene


I’m Alessandro, I need help for a render I’m trying to do, with vray and sketchup+skatter.
I have a green wall that continues on the floor, so I have two components in the same scene.
But when I start the render, only the vertical surface is rendered correctly, not the floor.
How can I fix it?
Thanks a lot
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Hi Alessandro,

Check this answer : [Workaround] V-ray 3.6 does not show skatter objects.


Hi Thomas,
thanks a lot for your answer.

It didn’t work, on Ruby Console I got this message
"class VRay::LiveScene::Mesh;def material;get_material(nil);end;end
Error: #<NameError: uninitialized constant VRay::LiveScene>

:in `' SketchUp:1:in `eval'"

I’m using Vray 2.0, is it not compatible maybe?

I attached a screen of what happens

Thanks again



Indeed this fix is for V-Ray 3.60.01 only.
V-Ray 2 should be working. Which very exactly do you have?


Hi Thomas,
I have Vray 2.00.25244.

I have 2 “skatter” in Render List

“Skatter 5” is working great.
This is my setting for “Skatter 6”

Also the preview in the screens above is right, I think
Thanks a lot




Hi Thomas,

I’ve found the solution, trying and trying.
In this case, I had to change the “Random transform” ticking the vertical mirroring and untiking the horizontal one.
Thanks a lot for your attention

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This may help as well :


That’s it.
Thanks again, Thomas!