Does not work


hello for some reason the plugin does not work.
after choosing a surface to scatter on and then choosing an object to be scattered - I see no red dots even when i regenerate.
any clues what i am doing wrong, if anything?


Try copying & pasting your model into an new SKP document. It can sometimes help.
Also try with a very basic model to ensure Skatter is working with basic items.


does not work even on the simplest of documents: a plane as host and a cube as scattered element - nothing happenes


OK, better wait for Thomas to get out of bed!
Best of luck.


Thomas is traveling in USA following 3d basecamp :wink: so less online.

I would say check your units first and if you can JING IT for me that will be great - that is screen record the process so we see what you see :wink:


Hi Ronen, what do you mean by check my units?
does skatter work only on specific units, is that what I missed?


link to jing video


Please open the ruby console (“Window > Ruby Console”) and copy/paste what appears in it while you try to use Skatter.


Same problem as above. Please help me!


This seems like a license issue. (this happens to everyone who try to crack Skatter)
Did you purchase one?


Hi Thomas i have same problem but, i have a student license! What i have to do to fixe my problem?


You student license was purchased on February 15th 2017, so it is expired now (1 year). You can apply for a new license if you are still a student :


That’s right, i have not seen. Shit, i will purchased a license, skatter is amazing plugin. Thank you for your attention.