Here is a recent project showing a courtyard. Original image was 5000 pixels wide.
I also included a detail that better shows the Skatter.


Oh, I forgot to say it was rendered with Thea render.


Very nice smooth lighing.
Your vegetation looks fantastic.

Is the grass from Skatter’s library?


It’s my own grass (from the Sketchucation store). I did some post pro to enhance the lighting as well.
I really like the way the back lighting gives a dark edge to the grass areas. Makes them stand out better.


The Grass looks fantastic! I do think the overall frame for the courtyard could be better though…

Did you make more views for this project?


nice image pixero, i would have worked a bit more on the lighting of the characters. Perhaps work a bit on them adding a shade side.

The mixtuer of all different shade sharpness makes it look a bit awkward i most say.


great work Pixero!!!


Which grass models from which of your grass packs did you use? I am considering buying whichever pack it is based off of this image. ??


That’s his own that you can buy here :


First of all, it’s a really beautiful job

Could it be available for the Skatter library?


We are making a marketplace for v2, so yes (if Pixero decides to make it available on the marketplace)