Copy skatter from one skp file to an other?



I have just purchased the “green wall” objects / tutorial on gumroad and have created a wall by following the tutorial.

Then I wanted to import this green wall into an other project, but then it seems i loose the skatter setup?

I guess I’m doing something wrong here, but what?

As this won’t work, I save the settings in file A, and then import the settings in file B and selects the imported green wall objects. It works, but I guess there is a smarter way to do this.



You mean by “save setting”, making a preset right? I think that is the way to go. I dont think the other options like “make skatter group” will work, it will loose the host when you copy it. We dont have any option to relink a lost host, otherwise i was a simple fix.

I hope when a new version is released that will be added


If you temporarily disable “Render Only”, and generate the setup in the model, this will give you a group that you can copy from one file to the other.
Then right-click on the group and “Edit Skatter Group”. Skatter will complain that it can’t find the host, simply pick the new host in the Hosts list.