Art center exterior



Here is my most recent test project.
Simple art center model from 3DWH populated by Skatter and Laubwerk components.

V-ray 3.60.02, Skatter 1.4.4., Laubwerk Trees.
Total render time 33h with only brute force.


Love it!
How did you light the scene? SketchUp sun or HDRI?


Only SketchUp sun + a lot of color balance tweaking in PS to get the right feel.
I’m happy that other than a few miner fixes to the foreground objects, the render came together really fast. No more headache with 2D PNG trees.
Other than the added sky and more exaggerated DOF effect for the foreground tree, all other changes were only for the color and the added god rays.
Here is the raw render:


Stunning render and SUper post work!

Isnt it hard to render using real glass on those windows? It looks like the corner windows have a quite strong optic effect.



I think that curved glass looks better with refraction. For other types of architectural glass I don’t bother and just use reflection.


But did it taker longer to render due to that? As thin glass or architectural glass clear much faster