Please prioritize mac [Feature requests] (11)
[Release] Beta 0.2.0 [General] (7)
Drag and drop Textures [General] (2)
Skp file with missing faces [Bug reports] (6)
UV-mapping wrong from fbx [Bug reports] (3)
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patch file [Feature requests] (4)
Using drag & drop [Feature requests] (4)
Opacity Mapping Issue [Bug reports] (4)
preserve instances/components from FBX [Feature requests] (6)
Add .skp as supported Transmutr file type [Feature requests] (5)
Pricing? [General] (11)
Origin [Top Center] [Feature requests] (2)
Navigate help [Feature requests] (4)
Bugs, FBX CGAxis models. >> FBX format too old [Bug reports] (9)
Mesh simplification slider not working [Bug reports] (5)
Direct Skatter Link [Feature requests] (3)
V-Ray warning when opening proxy file >> Update to V-Ray 3.60.03 [Bug reports] (12)
activation issue [Bug reports] (3)
Filename Default [Feature requests] (4)
Billboards [General] (4)
Started testing Transmutr and ran into the following issues [Bug reports] (7)
License [General] (3)
Activation error 6724 [Bug reports] (5)
Full SketchUp model on export [General] (6)
Naming system [General] (3)
CleanUp [General] (3)
Transmutr Download, Manual, FAQ, Tutorials... [General] (2)

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