Transmutr   Bug reports

Import megascans issue (2)
skatter you have pending changes that were not generated (4)
My v-ray bump and normal maps and reflection maps are not loading into sketchup (4)
Model not automatically opening in Sketchup (1)
model not showing in viewport (13)
export problem (2)
activation issue (9)
Possible bug [Blank screen] (4)
Wrong materials, only creating diffuse material maps and other material maps completely disappeared in sketchup. (8)
transmutr material error (4)
Vray materials will not generate after the proxy export (2)
Mesh simplification (2)
Problem with win 10 pro No communication with sketchup (5)
Failed to save document (8)
Can't save project after load transmutr file (4)
Transmutred models (materials) cause sketchup crash (3)
Black texture (11)
Icons Presets (10)
Vray Proxy of FBX File - Materials not loading (3)
Vrmat not being applied to correct object in proxy (8)
Program hangs on converting tif to png (4)
FBX file with tiff textures not opening (3)
FBX file not loading (5)
Export error (4)
Start 3days trial : An error occurred:6724 (3)
Transmutr not woking (9)
Billboard Proxy/Placeholder (9)
Texture bug (15)
UV in Transmutr Preview (4)
Loading presets (2)