Skatter   Feature Requests

Features (17)
Lower Quality Materials for VRay (2)
Material Variation (2)
Check for Updates Button (3)
chose axis orientation (2)
A new tool brush drawing (11)
Skatter Library Store (3)
(REQ) brushed areas -> visible polylines (6)
Add Thea mask index to skattergroups or sub group models (7)
Render Only Grass Renders When Host Geometry Hidden (4)
Hard to find out what the latest version is on (2)
[REQ] Allow Random Flipping In Z also (2)
Allow Enabling/Disabling of Items in Scattered Objects List (3)
Allow installing library somewhere other than C drive (7)
Removal of "Trace Reflections" in V-ray materials grass proxies (3)
Update minus the content library (3)
Ability to add our own "skatters" to the skatter library (2)
Green wall (2)
Plans for integration with Fredo's animator (4)
[REQ] Add mask id also to the proxy (6)
[REQ] Click brush mode clipping Areas (4)
Fine tune Falloffs (5)
Xref a Skatter (3)
Context click CSV export for placed items (2)
Preview instances in percetage (7)
Skatter layers linked to Sketchup layer (3)
Library Location (2)
Content Library Updates (2)
Measurement units option (3)
Select scatter objects from component list/pull-down menu (3)